We Help the Survivors Reconnect with Life

yazidis4Among the survivors interviewed, dozens of girls and women of all ages told their terrible fate
in the hands of their executioners.

They speak about the murder of the men in their family, the rape of their children, and their sex slavery.

The young women, enslaved, recount how they were sold and resold through Iraq and Syria. Some were declared to be sabaya (sex slaves) and were offered to several soldiers, while others were acquisitioned by members of the Islamic State and were able to testify about their imprisonment as well as the daily activities of the jailers and executioners. Most were able to escape through the help of dealers.

The majority of married women were not decaled to be sayaba but khadima (servant). Many of them, who accompanied their owners everywhere, were able to speak extensively about the abuses committed by ISIS.

The older women were transported from village to village to serve as human shields.

The young boys were forcibly converted to Islam, locked up in training camps, and they seemed to belong to three types of command units: units that attack villages, bombing units, or suicide units.

Many children disappeared. Among the bombers many of them died by accident. The camps are kept secret.

Yayazidis1had –In Unum also collects their testimonies. They were trained there, with constant violence, to become ISIS soldiers. Their bodies and conscience are broken by this process, which is a key step in the process of committing genocide. In fact, ISIS is trying to destroy these children and create terrorists. But, it is possible to act within the camps so that these Yazidis children can get out of this cycle of violence and rebuild themselves.

ISIS seeks to operate a transformation of these young Yazidis during their captivity in three ways: religiously, militarily, and terrorism. There is an urgent to need help them rebuild themselves and leave the violence.

In order to help the Yazidis survivors, Yahad-In Unum decided to create ayazidis2 place in Cham Mushko (Iraqi Kurdistan) where they can rebuild themselves and reconnect with life after months in hell.

This place is both:

  • - A sewing workshop where these survivors are trained to become more autonomous.
  • - A place of listening and care where psychologists help them to heal.

This return to life center is coordinated locally by young Yazidis women. Fifty women are trained there every two months.

Such places can be created for both Christian and Muslim survivors, as well as for young men
forcibly enlisted.